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Our Cakes & Cookies

Our commitment is to bring you a wide range of fresh hand-crafted cakes with passion and quality at heart. Which will deliver sophistication, refinement, and welcoming.



Our new banana chiffon will endulge your taste bud with black charcoal chiffon filled and cover with intense banan flavour.

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Our tart selection and custom to order are here t help you to express and share special moment with your family and friends 


Indulge yourself in the softness and creaminess blend of savoury cream cheese and sweetness of chantily cream of our cold japanese cotton cheesecake. 


Dare to be different and try our new Chiffon Tart.Enhanced with cream filling and combination of flavour and top with melted snow.


For chocolate lover, here your comfort zone with our succulent chocolate and cheese brownies. We also created mini treat for you with dark chocolate, cheese and milk flavour.


Forget the traditional cupcakes, just go ahead and find our new cupcakes collection wich will challenge your taste bud.


It's not over yet, after all temptation we will invite you further to our classic selection with traditional and authentic flavour.